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As we embark on the journey into 2024, we are thrilled to introduce our Customer Loyalty Program (Holistic Pro) — a token of our appreciation for the loyalty of our esteemed customers. We invite you to unlock exclusive rewards, indulge in personalized benefits, and elevate your shopping experience with us. Enroll now to begin enjoying the exclusive perks of loyalty!

Program Overview:

The program comprises four levels: Club Member, Gold, Premium, and Ambassador. With every purchase, customers automatically become Club Members, and by accumulating points, they can ascend through the levels. Achieving 7000 points (or attain minimum of SGD 7,000) within one year upgrades a customer to Gold status, while 20000 points (or attain minimum of SGD 20,000) annually qualify them for Premium membership. All levels enjoy benefits such as "Point Redemption," "Birthday Privileges," and "Exclusive Member Perks".


Key Program Features:

Point Redemption:

Customers earn 1 point for every SGD1 spent on our products. Points can be accumulated to elevate their membership level within the program.

Birthday Privileges:

During their birthday month, customers can collect a birthday gift upon receiving our greeting. They need to collect it personally with their ID at our boutique in Singapore. At each tier of membership, recipients are entitled to gifts of varying value, with higher levels receiving more premium and valuable selections.

Exclusive Member Perks:

All members are in for an exciting annual lucky draw! Club Members stand the chance to qualify for a fabulous product, Gold Members can win big with a product and an exclusive voucher, while Premium Members enjoy the ultimate opportunity to receive a high-value product paired with a China Wellness Hub voucher. The rewards become more impressive as you climb up the membership tiers! Additionally, all members can join Holistic Health Talks (online) hosted by various professionals, with prioritized sign-up, and masterclasses led by a nutritionist.

Holistic Pro Friends:

Simultaneously, we introduce "Holistic Pro Friends" as part of our loyalty program, providing an opportunity to accumulate extra points. Recommending a friend, who makes a purchase in Clinique La Prairie Holistic Health boutique, earns an additional 200 points.

Within this comprehensive program, we are confident that every expenditure from our customers will yield significant value. Strengthening our connection with you, we anticipate both parties enjoying the benefits, fostering meaningful ties, and experiencing collaborative growth. In this mutually advantageous situation, we eagerly look forward to establishing a more dependable and robust partnership with our valued customers.

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